Shenpaz Dental at the forefront of advanced technologies for dental furnaces

Our growing product line of firing, pressing and sintering ovens enables small and large dental labs to raise productivity to a new level. Unique Shenpaz features support technicians to produce superior restorations that motivate them to strive higher and propel them to the top of their profession.

Our Shenpaz furnace has all the quality features, elegance and robustness in design we need. Performance is excellent and support is great, too.
I am totally pleased that we chose Shenpaz for our lab.

Dr. Richard Rodriguez
BiconLabVen Caracas, Venezuela.

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Thermal Tray

The ShenPaz Thermo honeycomb tray is made of lightweight, dark metal alloy with superb
thermo-conductive properties that ensure that the cervical and incisal areas are evenly fired.

Pressing Cylinder

ShenPaz Dental’s specially designed 400 gram cylinder is used for pressing bridges or large elements over METAL or ZIRCONIA.

Quartz Tube Muffle

The original Quartz Tube Kanthal Muffle supplies homogenous heat radiation achieving optimal firing results and precise temperatures at cervical, body, and incisal areas. It is considered one of the most reliable muffles on the market.
• High speed cooling – begin next cycle sooner
• Firing temp. up to 1180°C (2156°F) with
• Heat rate between10-120ºC (50-248ºF)/min.

E-Cylinder Base

• Adaptor used with the ShenPaz pressing system set
• Fully compatible for pressing e.max© Ivoclar Vivadent
• Available in 2 sizes: 1 X and 3 X

© e.max is a trademark of Ivoclar Vivadent

2-Step Dry Pump

• Quiet and reliable operation
• Max. vacuum of 29.5"Hg (740mmHg)
• Available in:
• 115 VAC, 3.2 amp
• 230VAC, 1.6 amp
• One year unconditional warranty