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BLAZIR is the easiest high temperature sintering furnace to use and is ever so ready for the rapid evolution of ZrO2 materials.


  • Unlimited choice of heating and cooling stages provides a host of programming capabilities. The furnace is universally compatible to a wide variety of materials.
  • A full touch 7” LCD screen is user friendly with a superbly comfortable interface for easy programming. The furnace can be remotely programmed from PC, smartphone and tablets.
  • Advanced Flushing System, an automatic intermittent influx of air into the muffle while sintering keeps the muffle clean of impurities from the side effects of sintering preshaded ZrO2 and colorants.

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Additional BLAZIR Features

  • VIA is a bridge to simple sintering. VIA assists the operator of the furnace by recommending the most adequate sintering programs.


  • The footprint

Keeping the importance of benchtop space in mind, BLAZIR’s compact dimensions and lightness is well-suited in any work place, be it a laboratory or practice.


  • The capacity

BLAZIR is supplied with one sintering tray with a capacity of up to 30 units. The design of the muffle and tray permit the stacking up to 3 tiers.


Max sintering temperature: 1530°C

Dimensions (WxDxH): Width: 405 mm, Depth: 457 mm, Height: 515 mm / 720 mm (opened furnace)

Weight: 27 Kg – 59.5 lbs.

Dimensions of muffle chamber: Width: 102 mm, Depth: 112 mm, Height: 123 mm

Power consumption: 11A at 230V

Power supply: 220-240 V, 50-60 Hz

Connectivity: USV port, Ethernet, Wi-Fi

Programs: 250