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Founded by ceramic technicians who know their stuff, Shenpaz has become a leading global player in the dental lab industry. Backed by nearly 40 years of experience in the dental industry, Shenpaz delivers the most advanced dental furnaces on the market today with personal customer service ingrained.

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My main "conventional" furnace is a Shenpaz Focus that I've had for ten years now. I am very happy with the results that I get from this furnace. I know another lab that has had the Shenpaz Gemni for about ten years and is very happy with it.

Dental Lab Network member, March 2013

The ShenPaz SINTRA oven is the best sintering oven on the market today, both in features and price. We will continue to recommend this product to the laboratory industry. This is our furnace of choice for the small lab as well as the large production laboratory.

Tim Tyndall, CDT DDS4D, Dental Laboratories


Shenpaz is easy to use, easy to maintain and very, very, durable. So, who wants to avail it? I strongly recommend it to you. Shenpaz is the best dental equipment that I have in my laboratory and of course one of the best equipment that I have in my whole practice. Thank you Shenpaz!"

Dr. Mark Anthony Kobayashi, Galaxy Dental Lab Jan. 2020


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If you are looking to add a new, technically superior furnace line to your product list, please contact me directly. We’ll provide all the assistance and support you ‘ll need to lead in your local marketplace.

Carlos Olszanski

Business Development Manager Shenpaz Dental